Zed & Alfie

December 23rd, 2014

It’s happening!  The photos are starting to arrive!  Yippee! 

Here are some of our latest Christmas Canines! It’s Zed and Alfie.  I’m not sure who’s who but if I had to guess, (which I do), then I’d guess Alfie is the little fella?

Zed and Alfie look wonderful in their Santa and Friends Dog Bandanas.  Thanks so much for sending your photos.  You look like very good boys and I’m sure Santa is going to visit you.  Only 2 more sleeps to go!  Thanks for wearing and sharing guys. 

Zed and Alfie look so great I’m going to ask them to help in the Christmas Department.  They’ll be showing customers how to wear Santa and Friends in Purple.  They’ll also be joining the party in the Christmas Photo Gallery and I’m going to show everyone how great they are on Facebook too. 

Receiving photos of your dogs wearing their bandanas is one of my favourite things.  I’d be lying if I said it was ‘all I want for Christmas’ but it is one of the things I want for Christmas.  Of course it’s nice to receive your photos all year round but I’m a big fan of Christmas so it’s the icing on the Christmas cake for me to see your pics.

Please get snapping and send your photos to photos@puppybandana.co.uk or pop them straight onto the Puppy Bandana Facebook page.  Don’t forget, names, ages, breeds, hobbies, secrets…

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