World Record holders?

November 17th, 2014

I must contact the Guinness Book of Records.  I’m sure we deserve to be in there.  I certainly don’t want to encourage you to look at my competitors, I want you to be a loyal as your dogs please, but I feel certain that no other dog bandana shop has as many Christmas Dog Bandana designs as Puppy Bandana?

This year we have a grotto full of Crimbo for your canine friends and each year the selection has grown.  Surely Puppy Bandana is the world record holder for the greatest number of Christmas Dog Bandana designs? 

Our Christmas Dog Bandana Department is open 365 days a year and it has 25 gorgeous Christmas Dog Bandanas to choose from.  With so many Christmas Bandana designs we’ve decided to present them to you in a Puppy Bandana Christmas Countdown – Advent Calendar Styly!

Here’s how it’s going to work – each day throughout December we’ll do a ‘Festive Feature’ of one of our Christmas Bandanas.  It’ll be like opening the window of your advent calendar and instead of there being a chocolate there waiting for you, they’ll be a little dog instead!  What a treat eh!?  When you see our daily post you have our permission to rush off to the fridge/vending machine/corner shop and scoff down some chocolate!

The Puppy Bandana Advent Calendar will be opened each day on Facebook so please make sure you ‘like’ us on Facebook else they’ll be no chocolate!

Looking forward to December?  We are!

If you can wait to see what’s behind the door each day you can take a peak at all the of the Christmas Designs in one go by visiting our Christmas Department HERE