Wholesale Dog Bandanas for Puppy Training Schools

It’s so exciting getting a new puppy – and hard work!

Most owners want to get the very best start for their puppy and want them to be well socialised too. Puppy school is a perfect and fun way of encouraging good behaviour and letting your new pup have lots of fun with other puppy friends.

To increase revenue for their business many trainers offer sundries items such as training aids, toys and reading materials for sale to their captive audience. This could easily be extended to include puppy and dog bandanas.

A puppy is cute but a puppy in a bandana is super cute! We think you’ll find these go down a bundle!

Buy puppy bandanas at wholesale prices and sell on at a profit. You could even include a bandana in the price of the puppy school course or use them as end of term prizes?

If you run a UK based puppy training school and want to offer your class members something fun, quirky and cute then get in touch to discuss puppy and dog bandanas at wholesale prices.

Once one puppy has modelled a bandana at puppy class we feel sure they’ll sell themselves! Ker-ching!

Dog Bandanas for Dog Training Schools