Wholesale Dog Bandanas for Dog Groomers

Your customers obviously want their dogs to look their very best and whilst they’re looking so smart you’ll have no problem with tempting them to purchase a stylish dog bandana to complete the look! You could even develop a new deluxe grooming service and include a bandana of their choice for their pampered pooch to be returned in!

And of course fashion is always about personal choice so it’s always good to have options. You could provide a freebee bandana to delight your customers. You could stock a mini boutique in your dog grooming salon to catch the eye of all the style conscious owners passing through to drop off scruffy dogs and pick up their pampered pooches! Our range consists of simple, fun n quirky, novelty and special occasion designs

Puppy Bandana work with dog groomers in the U.K. providing puppy and dog bandanas at wholesale prices. This gives dogs groomers the chance to sell to their customers adding in some profit.

Each wholesale deal is different depending on the volume and frequency of orders and also the designs and sizes required.

If you’re a U.K. Dog Groomer or Dog Beautician looking to buy puppy and dog bandanas please contact Puppy Bandana and we’ll be happy to strike a deal!