Wholesale Dog Bandanas for Fundraising or Charity

  • Do you support a charity?
  • Are you actively involved in fundraising for a charity or cause?
  • If not a charity perhaps a group or organisation in need of funds?

A dog bandana is a fun, novel and inexpensive item which most people will gladly purchase from you to experience that warm glow that giving to charity brings.

Buy puppy and dog bandanas at wholesale prices and sell on at a profit for the cause of your choice.

If you don’t want to outlay the funds initially we can discuss ‘made to order’ on a limited number of designs. Take orders, collect the cash, confirm the numbers and I’ll handmake and deliver the dog bandanas to you for distribution.

Most people either have a dog or know someone who has a dog and we feel sure they’ll be willing to part with their cash for a quirky doggie gift and in aid of charity.

We find each wholesale deal is different but if you’d like to get in touch we’ll be happy to discuss designs, sizes, number and prices and help you raise money for charity.

What have you got to lose?

Dog Bandana for charity