Walter and Festi @ Puppy Bandana HQ

June 21st, 2015

Walter (Pug) and Festi (Sprocker) came to visit Puppy Bandana HQ this week.  It wasn’t a social call, it was business!

They came to supervise their humans in the garden whilst they were cutting our trees.  This photo was taken during tea break.

Walter and Festi are very well behaved and well trained and even though the fence panel was out (for temporary access) they didn’t once venture out into the road.  Unfortunately our golden spaniel Elliepops isn’t so well behaved and she’s not well trained either so she had to be stored away safely in her crate* for the duration.  She’s an idiot when it comes to road safety and the excitement of a visit from Walter and Festi would’ve sent her into a spin.  She did get to say a brief ‘hello’, we’re not that cruel!

Festi and Walter are tea drinking in the sunshine in their Red Spotty Hanky Dog Bandanas.  We’re hopeful they’ll be back soon because there’s more tree work to be done!

I will add that Walter’s tongue wasn’t the only thing hanging out in the second photo.  I cropped the photo to protect his modesty!

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*A note of clarification for all the crate haters: Ellie absolutely loves her crate and frequently chills out in there during the day.  We rarely shut her in and even when we do she’s perfectly content for short periods of time. At night she chooses to sleep in her crate and takes her toys with her! or a yoghurt carton, or a slipper…