Toodles! (Simples)

August 6th, 2013

Goodness me!  We just LOVE the look of Toodles in his Campervans Bandana.
What an adorable little face!

I’m probably completely on my own here but Toodles kinda reminds me of Aleksandr the Meerkat!  As I’m writing this I’m looking into his adorable little face and making Meerkat voices.  I’ve obviously been watching too much Corrie!

Well, I hope Toodles and his family are not offended by the Aleksandr thing (apologies if you are!)  It’s actually a compliment because I think the Meerkats are ace.  And of course it’s nothing I wouldn’t say to Toodles’ face or all over the World Wide Web on the Puppy Bandana Blog!

Toodles is the first Meerkat to join all the little dogs in our Puppy Bandana Gallery – Perhaps the correct term is Meerdog not Meerkat?  I wonder if that makes this comparison more acceptable.  Compare the  Hmmm….not sure it works so well…

Our Campervans Dog Bandanas are available in three great colours, Blue for Boys, Pink for Girls and Black for anyone who’s not sure!

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