Too early for Christmas Decorations?

November 4th, 2013

Is it too early to put up the Christmas decorations? Like any other retailer we’ve got to do everything we can to get you in the Christmas shopping mood.   We didn’t start it – the Co-op started it with their mince pies!

Anyway, I scrambled into the loft yesterday and fetched down the Crimbo decs and I have thrown caution to the wind (what a bizarre saying!) and I’ve put up the Christmas pretties!

As you can see, I’ve kept it subtle and classy with just a few snowflakes in the border etc and then of course there’s all the Christmas dogs.  They were completely fed up of being in the loft and were very relieved when I said it was time for them to come down.

Thanks to Hubby for his help with the snowflakes – you have your uses Lover! 😉

p.s. we don’t really keep the Christmas dogs in the loft…just in case you were thinking of contacting the RSPCA