Spring Collection – Part 2

April 23rd, 2014

We were doing so well launching our new Spring Collection and then Easter got in the way!  Easter Eggs are very distracting and very nice 😀 

We also received lots of lovely new photos for our Dog Bandana Photo Gallery and they kept us busy too.

The promotion of our Spring Collection continues today until something else creates a distraction! 

Also, since we first posted about the new Spring Collection the number of new designs has doubled!  I’ve been on a shopping spree and there’s some exciting new designs for the Spring Collection Part 2! 

New designs include:
Stanley Dog
Paw Prints (Cream)
Paw Prints (Black)
Paw Prints (Red)
Smash! Bang! Pow!
Party Balloons

I’m going to share them with you individually once I’ve made up some suitable nonsense to accompany them.  I also have to arrange a photo shoot with the Spaniel. 

Wish me luck!