The Full Monty

October 7th, 2013

Is this The Full Monty?  Well I think so.  He seems to be completely in shot.  You can’t quite see his back legs but that’s only because of the way he’s posing. 

Or are we referring to nudity?  Isn’t that what The Full Monty is all about?  Getting naked?
Well Monty is not naked.  We don’t tend to allow naked dogs on this website.  We make them wear bandanas.

Anyway, Monty is keen to live up to his name so he’s off to the Puppy Bandana Gallery to recruit some fellow strippers to perform The Full Monty…

Go and take a sneaky peak in the gallery and if you’re not shy you too can join Monty for The Full Monty in our Gallery.  Please email your photos to

If on the other hand you are shy….you can always “leave your hat on”