The first frost

November 4th, 2014

I think it’s fair to say that this morning we had our first frost of Winter 2014.  This can mean only one thing.  “What’s that?”, I hear you ask.  It’s time to begin the Christmas assault! 

Officially it’s still Autumn because Winter doesn’t begin until 21st December but if we took any notice of that and left our Christmas shopping until Winter arrived it’d be chaos.  At least I managed to hold off hassling you until Halloween and Bonfire Night were out of the way (almost) 

If you’re anti Christmas shopping and feel it’s way too early then please spare a thought for me.  I’ve been making Christmas Dog Bandanas since the Summer and until fairly recently I didn’t even have a mince pie for company.

To celebrate this mornings frost we have a few frosty friends for you to meet.   Here they are:  The Snowman, Frosty The Snowman and Skiing Snowmen

These are just a few of our festive friends from the Puppy Bandana Christmas Dog Bandana Range.  Don’t worry you’ll be introduced to the entire range one by one, over and over before Christmas and then after Christmas we’ll still be banging on about them when all the photos roll in.