Teddy, Lily & Poppy

June 23rd, 2013

Teddy, Lily and Poppy all crowded around the computer and scrolled through the pages and pages of Puppy Bandana designs.  They’d got a ‘Do’ to go to and they wanted to look really cool.  They knew lots of other dogs would be there and though it wasn’t openly discussed they also knew there would be dog competitions.  The right outfit could be the clincher!

Each of them adopted their ‘Poker Faces’ and shortlisted their bandana choices, keeping them secret.  There were a few squabbles, some pushing and shoving and plenty of whining…”Don’t copy me, choose your own!  You’re being a Copycat!”

Finally, with a little help from Mum, they placed their orders.  How exciting!

Just a few days later the goods arrived.  They each collected their parcels and trotted off upstairs to find a full length mirror and good lighting.  They tried on their new outfits in private, checked the fit etc.  “Does it suit me?  Oh yes, lovely! I can’t wait to wear it I’m gonna look so cool! I’m gonna win any competition I enter…..”

When the day arrived they were up and dressed early and they met up in the garden to compare outfits.

As you can see the ‘comparison’ didn’t take very long!  They’d all ordered the same ‘Cool for Cats’ Dog Bandana!  After much muttering and further accusations of being a Copycat they all made friends and they were able to see the funny side of it.  Teddy even suggested that people might think they were triplets?!  They all decided to go ahead and wear their ‘Cool for Cats’ Dog Bandanas for their outing.

They had a lovely day out in their bandanas and though we’re sure it’s not solely down to the cool dog bandanas, they were very successful in the dog competitions. 

Well done to Teddy Dorkie (small black doggie) for his 1st Place Rosette for ‘The dog you’d most like to take home’

Poppy Pooch, aged 13 (black and white doggie) won the photo competition.  Good Girl!

and last but not least Lily Labradoodle (big black beauty)  Where’s your rosette Lily?  Fetch!  Where is it Lily? 

Oh no!  Have we said the wrong thing?  Is it a case of better luck next time Lily???

No way!  We can’t allow that – imagine what it’ll do to her confidence.

We have decided to award Lily with a special Puppy Bandana 1st Place Rosette for taking part in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery Competition.  The competition was for ‘Labradoodles wearing Cool for Cats Dog Bandanas’ and of all of the entrants, Lily was the finest example and well deserves her rosette.  Well done Lily!

Cool for Cats Dog Bandanas
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Teddy, Lily and Poppy are all featured in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery where they’re busy showing off their rosettes and Teddy is still trying to convince everyone they’re triplets!  View the Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery HERE