Ted is at least 75% Poodle!

June 1st, 2013

Ted may look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but we’ve been informed that there’s a naughty little boy in the Puppy Bandana Gallery!  We’re happy to let it go this time Ted because you’re only a baby but as you grow older you need to learn to look after and respect your belongings.  Ted has attempted to bury his skull and crossbones bandana at the top of the garden.  In his defence, on further questioning it appears he actually had good reason.  Ted was burying his pirate bandana to keep it safe from other jealous little dogs whilst he spent time in his other bandana designs, Red Spotty Hanky and Black Liquorice Allsorts.  Ted says it’s fine for them to get their own bandanas from Puppy Bandana but they absolutely cannot pinch his – he needs it!

Ted is an 8 week old Goldendoodle which means he has a Poodle for a Mummy and a Goldendoodle Daddy.  Mmmm…that doesn’t really explain what a Goldendoodle is!  A Golden Retriever appears somewhere in Ted’s family tree, hence the ‘Golden’ in Goldendoodle.  Simples! 😆

There’s all kinds of poodle at Puppy Bandana.  We’ve met Cockerpoos, Labradoodles, 100% Poodles, Pot Noodles and now we have a Goldendoodle.  All of the poodles are in the Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery for your reference.  Why not go and see if you can identify them?  

At Puppy Bandana we’re getting to know our poodles and poodle hybrids thanks to our generous customers and their ‘wear and share’ attitude.   Yes, our poodle recognition is pretty good these days and so thankfully we’re unlikely to fall for this scam.

The Mail Online reported on a man who forked out hundreds of dollars for what he believed to be two toy poodles only to later have it confirmed by a vet that he had in fact bought two ferrets!  Seriously!!!  Please go and take a look at this because nothing would make me think this was a poodle even before I gained oodles of poodle experience at Puppy Bandana.  Perhaps he thought there were Ferretoodles?! 

Read the Mail Online ‘Poodle Shocker’ by clicking HERE