Stoke Parish Fete – Sun 5th May 2013

April 6th, 2013

Puppy Bandana at Stoke Parish FetePuppy Bandana will be setting up shop at the Stoke Parish Fete on Sunday 5th May 2013

Let’s hope the weather gets a bit warmer between now and then!

The fete is being held at the Stoke Heath Recreation Ground on the corner of A38 Hanbury Road, Bromsgrove and we’re starting at 10am.

We’ll be there with our full range of dog bandanas and anything else we can think of to flog!  If it’s still this cold we’ll be wearing bonnets and scarves and we’ll be drinking lots of hot tea.
If you’re a regular Puppy Bandana Blog reader you wont be surprised to hear that Mother will be in attendance helping me to run the Puppy Bandana stall.
Unbeknownst to Mother I’ve entered her into the Vintage Road Run which takes place between 9.30am and 10.15am so if meeting Mother is your reason for coming along you might want to wait until after her run.  She’ll be calmer and far less inquisitive so you’ll find it safer entering into conversation with her (less interrogation is likely). 

There’s also the Ferretworld Roadshow, again another surprise for Mother.  Apparently it’s ferret racing with a difference!  The advertisement says ‘lots of children racing against the ferrets’  but we feel sure they’ll do something for the seniors too.

Personally, as well as looking forward to spending the day with Mother I’m very much looking forward to meeting the locals and their dogs and of course selling a few dog bandanas.  I’m also looking forward to the Fun Dog Show and the Cake Stall.

Please come along and see us.