Stanley & Mr Jeffers

June 26th, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Stanley and Mr Jeffers would like to wish their Daddy a very Happy Birthday.

“Happy Birthday Daddy! – we woof you lots and lots “

They’re not late – these are not belated birthday bandanas because with Mum’s help and organisational skills these boys were right on time! The Campervan Dog Bandanas were a present from the boys to their Dad for his birthday.  We’d like to say dog bandanas are better than birthday cake but actually there’s nothing better than cake.

So, Dad’s birthday was last week yet we’ve only just put the lads in the Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery and on the blog.  What’s the hold up?  Traffic?  

No, the truth is there’s been a slight delay in getting them online because at Puppy Bandana we have a strict process to follow whenever we get photos for the gallery.

It’s a matter of quality control – we have to check each and every photo to make sure the dogs are cute enough to be included in the gallery. Of course all dogs pass with flying colours.  We also like to check vaccinations are up to date, good manners (they cost nothing), good behaviour (!), hygiene (no-one likes a stinker) and we also like to get the vital statistics too if possible.  Name, breed, age, bad habits, background checks etc. 

Here’s the dirt on these two! 

Stanley is 6 years old and Mr Jeffers was a rescue dog and he’s roughly 2 years old (the terrible two’s?)

So, why was Mr Jeffers in the care system?  Was it through no fault of his own?  Did he run away from home?  Or was he naughty and pushed his owners to the limit and past it? He claims he can’t remember his early days at all.  Perhaps he’s blocking it all out? Either that or for once he’s just not telling…

Mr Jeffers was so excited about the bandanas that he nearly gave the game away to Dad before his birthday even arrived.  Never ask Mr Jeffers to keep a secret – he can’t hold his own water! Perhaps that’s why he ended up in care?

So who’s who?  We know which dog is the loose-lipped Mr Jeffers.  And even if we didn’t know, we think it’s obvious – he has that look about him.  And Stanley looks like a very patient boy which is possibly a good thing as he has to live with Mr Jeffers and all his indiscretions and tall stories.  Can you guess who’s who?

Incidently, if you’re still caught up in the cake vs dog bandana dilemma then we have the ideal solution.  We have a Dog Bandana Department especially for those of you with a sweet tooth and a passion for cake.  Check out our Sweet Treats Department HERE where we have a variety of Cupcakes, Sweeties, lce lollies, Ice Cream Sundaes and healthy 5 a day options if you’re watching you figure.

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