Snuggly Dog Jumpers

October 28th, 2014

Good news – we have some lovely new jumpers in stock for those cold winter days and nights. Hooray!

When there’s a chill in the air there’s nothing quite like cosying up in a snuggly jumper and why should it be any different for your little dog?!

Choose from our Red and White Dog Jumper or (brace yourselves) our Christmas Dog Jumper

The new jumpers are on the Puppy Bandana website right now in a new department named ‘SWEATERS’

We had to have a huge debate (argument) here at Puppy Bandana H.Q. to decide whether we should call them Dog Jumpers, Dog Sweaters or Dog Pull-overs?  Any feedback would be welcomed (he knows I’m right)

Our dog jumpers are available in just one size but unfortunately this doesn’t mean they’ll fit every dog.  They’re quite small really and will only fit very compact canines!  (Yorkie, Jack Russell or similar).  Full details and measurements are available in the shop along with more pictures of the jumpers.  Please make sure you measure and check sizes before ordering.

Red / White Dog Jumper
£6.99 each
FREE UK Shipping

Christmas Dog Jumper
£6.99 each
FREE UK Shipping