Pirate Pooches!

April 11th, 2013

Help! We’re being attacked by Pirates! 

Pirate Pooches are going crazy for our Skull and Crossbones Dog Bandanas and when they receive them they put them on and send us photos!  At this rate we may have to set up a dedicated Pirate Pooch Picture Gallery! Until we do we’ll allow the pirates to join our standard Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery.  We just hope they can behave themselves!  View the photos HERE

Meet Lucy a.k.a Scoobs, Soph and Cridhe, all Pirate Pooches and all wearing Puppy Bandana’s Skull and Crossbones Dog Bandana.

pirate pooches in skull and crossbones dog bandanas
Get your Pirate Outfit HERE

Skull n Crossbones Dog Bandanas
X/S £2.99, S/M £3.99 and M/L £4.99
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And don’t forget to send in your pictures for our Pirate Pooch Photo Gallery
Email your to photos@puppybandana.co.uk or walk the plank!