Show n Tell – New Dog Bandana Designs

September 21st, 2012

A relatively successful shopping trip yesterday.  Mother did try and sit down in Primark but other than that she wasn’t too bad really and there was no suggestion of stopping for coffee or any other kind of nonsense (nonsense includes visits to public loo’s, which are just WRONG anyway, excuses about aching feet and any suggestion of leaving before closing time)

Managed to stock up on favourites and also a few newbies too 😀

So, as promised, it’s time for ‘Show n Tell’!  Usually accompanied by tea and Weight Watchers cookies.  All goods remain in the trolley prior to the big reveal and are reviewed individually by Hubby and hound (Elliepops) and feedback is obtained before moving onto the next purchase.  All part of the shopping process and experience.

I won’t bore you with the old stuff because you can pour over these in our bandana gallery but here’s the new ones……in no particular order.

First out of the trolley is a new floral…yet to be named.  I tend to name them whilst I’m working on them.  I’m just loving this one.  Hope you like it too?

Next up, a special request, leopard print.  I shall name this one Leopard.  How imaginative of me!

Another floral for you and this time a vintage style. Name follows.

Cow print…guess what I’m gonna call this one?  Yes, Cow print.

A new style camo to replace the existing…still called Camo

and also a new style Red Spotty Hanky to replace the existing (and far far nicer!)

and finally

…all of the shops are doing it

…it is September after all

…there are only 94 days left

It’s time to bring out the seasonal stuff

Two super cute Christmas designs for you, Santa on Skates and Rudolf.

new fabrics for dog bandanas-uk