She’ll calm down when she’s two….

August 8th, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Elliepops

It was Ellie’s 2nd birthday yesterday.  Happy Birthday Elliepops my beautiful baby girl! 

We didn’t forget…we’re just reporting on it after then event so we can fill you in on our extravagant birthday celebrations. 

She had a lovely day.  We talked about when she was a tiny baby and how we visited her with her birth Mummy and met her brothers and sisters.

We talked about bringing her home to be our ‘forever puppy’.

We looked at her baby photos – she was so cute! (and still is!)

Of course now she’s two everything will change.  Ellie has always been a handful.  She’s a very busy little dog – a real tom-boy.  She has attitude and energy and she’s very playful and fast.  She’s also very clumsy and very comical!  She’s especially good at pinching things and loves being chased.  I have become very good at chasing her.  After 2 years I’m an expert!

Every time we meet someone new they check her out, survey her behaviour, ask if she’s a puppy, then they say the magic words, ‘she’ll calm down, she’s only young, she’ll settle down when she’s about two…

Hallelujah!  We’ve arrived!  Has anything changed?  Not yet…

So, how did we celebrate?

Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to take the day off work – those Christmas Bandanas aren’t gonna make themselves!  We did however have a couple of visitors, one was a new business friend of Daddy’s. He met Ellie and after a short introduction and the usual dialogue he said the magic words, ‘she’ll calm down, she’s only young…blah blah blah’

Next was a surprise visit from Grandma.  We knew she was calling in but it was a complete surprise for Ellie.  The little dog was overjoyed!  She span around the house doing cartwheels and somersaults!  ‘Yippee!  It’s Grandma!’.  Then there was the usual ‘arms round’.  She clambered up onto Grandma’s lap and popped her arms round her neck and put her face on Grandma’s face and they breathed each other in!  Incredible!

Whilst all this goes on Mummy and Daddy become invisible.  We may as well not exist in her life.  It’s ALL about Grandma!

When Grandma left we went out for two short walks.  The first was the post office run with the bandana orders, followed by a second walk with both Mummy and Daddy which included a brief visit to Co-op to buy some tartare sauce.  Ellie’s special birthday tea was fish, chips and peas with an 85 gram portion of Royal Canin for the birthday girl!  Gosh we know how to celebrate!