Beam Me Up Scottie!

January 20th, 2013

beam me up scottySorry, but I couldn’t resist it!  I blame my big brother and the years of exposure to Star Trek the original series throughout my childhood.   I’m not saying I’m a Trekkie or anything but I do kinda have a soft spot for Star Trek.  Beam me Up Scotty!

Anyway, enough of that and onto the real star of the show, the Scottie Dog!  Scottie Dogs are one of ‘my dogs’.  When I say ‘one of my dogs’ I mean I’m really quite fond of them and I wouldn’t rule out inviting one to come and live with us.   I love most animals (except for spiders, sharks, snakes….actually this could turn into quite a list) and I particularly love dogs but I must confess that I do favour certain breeds everso slightly.  I don’t want to upset anyone so I’ll keep the full details of my preferences to myself and just share with you my admiration for the Scottie.  I can’t hide the way I feel about my Spaniel though…

These adorable ‘Scottie Dog’ Dog Bandanas are now available for purchase in our Bandana Store. Available in S/M £3.99 and M/L £4.99 with Free UK Shipping

scottie dog dog bandanas
Do you have to be a Scottie to wear a Scottie Dog Bandana?  We’re not actually sure about that one but in the hope of boosting our sales we’re inclined to say ‘go for it’, even if you’re not a Scottie!

Now we realise that the Spaniel is not a Scottie Dog but she’s doing her best so please give her (and me) a break.  And if you own a Scottie Dog please do the decent thing and go and buy a ‘Scottie Dog’ Dog Bandana from the Puppy Bandana Shop, photograph your Scottie in it and send us the pics.  You are virtually guaranteed a place in our gallery and bandana shop!

Scottie Dogs Bandanas