Santa & Friends

November 30th, 2013

Santa and his friends certainly know how to dress warm.  They’ve all got fur lined red jackets, red and white stripey socks, winter boots and winter bonnets.  Very sensible clobber because apparently we’re in for a very cold winter.

With this in mind we’d like to suggest you add ‘bandana’ to the list.  Keep your neck toasty warm and look all Christmassy at the same time! 

Santa & Friends is available in 3 great colours.  Blue, Purple and Silver. 
It’s possible that the ‘Silver’ is really just ‘Grey’ but silver sounds so much more festive doesn’t it?  Well we think so…

If you’re particularly keen and you want to wear stripey socks, boots and a bonnet too then please feel free but they are completely optional.

Santa & Friends (Blue)
Santa & Friends (Purple)
Santa & Friends (Silver)
All available in 3 sizes
XS £2.99, S/M £3.99, M/L £4.99
All with FREE U.K. Delivery (by reindeer)