Puppy Bandana’s Snowdog?

January 18th, 2013

snow poodleI’m afraid we can’t take the credit for this one.  If I Photoshop out the poodle perhaps we could pass it off as a spaniel and make out it’s our Snowdog but that wouldn’t be very honest would it? 

At Puppy Bandana we’ve decided we prefer Snowdogs to Snowmen but we’ll be building neither! Of course I’d like to show you a photo of Puppy Bandana’s Snowdog wearing one of our quirky fun fashion dog bandanas but unfortunately I cant.  That’d involve me going out in the cold, wet snow.  There’s very little chance of that happening!  Sorry!

Perhaps if we were starving and had no food I’d venture out to the Co-op on foot (I have wellies!)  But we’re not starving, we have plenty of food and even if I did have to go to the Co-op I wouldn’t hang about to build a Snowdog! 

Instead I have opted to stay inside all toasty, warm and dry and search out pictures of other people’s Snowdogs.

Snow dog