Puppy Bandana ‘Papped’ by Mail Online!

January 26th, 2013

Wow! Puppy Bandana has been ‘snapped’ by the Paparazzi!

We just love getting photos of the little dogs wearing their bandana finery and it seems so do the Mail Online!  Okay, so the bandana is not on show in a major way because of the snow (another reason for me to dislike snow!) but it’s definitely there.  Can you see it?  It’s a Puppy Bandana in Black Liquorice Allsorts.  So, it’s official – Puppy Bandana has made the national newspapers!

Archie and George in their Puppy Bandanas


Pupy Bandana in Mail OnlineHere’s the link to the Mail Online (Right here! –> Mail Online) where there’s lots of beautiful pictures of snow (if you like that kinda thing, which I don’t) and there’s some really cool (!) dogs amongst them.  Of course the coolest dog is the one wearing the Puppy Bandana!

Archie and George first discovered Puppy Bandana, home of quirky fun fashion for puppies and dogs, early in January when they placed their first order for Union Jack and Black Liquorice Allsorts and they have since extended their wardrobe with a range of unisex bandanas and bandanas for boys, taking advantage of the 3 pack dog bandana special offers we have available in our offers department.

Archie and George love their bandanas and apparently they wear them all the time – not just for the paparazzi!  They look super cute in their bandanas (teddy bear alert!) and the bandanas help keep them clean, tidy and dry.  Their Mum says they were suffering from soaking wet bibs which could get a bit smelly!  So, Puppy Bandana offer quirky, fun, PRACTICAL fashion for puppies and dogs…..and we made the national papers!

You just never know when you’re gonna get ‘papped’ or get a wet bib so please visit our Puppy Bandana Online Shop today and choose from the 50+ designs we have available.

We’re so proud of these pics so we’ve included them in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery.  If you get ‘papped’ please let us know and send in the pics to photos@puppybandana.co.uk