Pampered Pooch

March 3rd, 2015

In this photo Ellie doesn’t look very pampered at all!  She looks windswept and neglected and in need of a trip to see Aunty Jane the Groomer.  However the bandana is definitely a Pampered Pooch and it’s one of the NEW for 2015 Dog Bandana designs now available for purchase in our Puppy Bandana Shop.  So if you can’t get to the groomers and and need a bit of pampering you can always opt for our Pampered Pooch Dog Bandana. Pampered Pooch features stylish little dog and it’s for stylish little dogs too.  It’s good to accessorise even if you’re looking a bit scruffy underneath it all!

For the record, she’s not pampered, she’s spoiled rotten and she will be visiting the groomers very soon!

Pamper your pooch with a Pampered Pooch Dog Bandana available in 3 sizes and all with FREE U.K. Delivery