‘Time’ for a Pack of 3 Dog Bandanas?

October 27th, 2012

Ellie in hat and scarfIt’s turned a bit chilly!  We’re trying to resist full and regular use of the central heating so at Puppy Bandana HQ we’re dressing warm!  The electric blanket has been in use for a few weeks now and we’ve also had the gas fire on twice.  I think we’re on the slippery slope!   My shortlived obsession with cooking a roast dinner is also soon to begin.  It doesn’t happen often, and never without the help of Aunt Bessie.  I cook around 3 roast dinners a year and always around this time when it starts to get all wintery.  Then I get fed up of all the washing up it creates and revert back to the tried and tested Toby Carvery method.

We also have the very irritating procedure of the clocks changing to contend with.  That terrible situation you find yourself in when you’ve changed some of the clocks and not others.   How many times do you think Mother will remind me about the clocks this time?  She started about two days ago and although it’s not her only topic of conversation, or necessarily the reason for her call, she always manages to slip it in.  This evening she’ll go into overdrive and not only will she mention it on the phone but she’ll text me as well! 

Just 58 days to go until ‘you know who’ comes.  That’s really not that long.  In an attempt to shoehorn the subject of the clocks changing into any conversation Mother would take the opportunity to remind you that the clock change is allowing extra time for things such as Christmas Shopping!  She’ll explain (again) that actually it’s not so bad this time round because you’re actually gaining time.  The clocks go back, Fall back, Spring forward. Don’t forget about the clocks changing folks!

So this weekend you’re going to gain an hour.  Puppy Bandana have a few suggestions about how you can spend this time.  Ours will be spent looking out the instructions for how to change the clock on the cooker, fielding calls from Mother and assuring her the clock change is all in hand and cooking a roast dinner. 

Indulgent ways to spend that bonus extra hour:
– Clean the oven?
– Sort out the airing cupboard?
– Catch up on the ironing?

If none of these sensible suggestions appeal to you then you could always spend the time browsing the pages of Puppy Bandana and pick out a quirky fun fashion dog bandana?  With around 40 designs to choose from there’s something for every dog.  For the indecisive and the bargain hunters amongst you we’ve made it easy and put together some multi-buy packs of three dog bandanas with a little bit of discount.  A dog can never have too many bandanas in their wardrobe to choose from!  Alternatively this could be a good start on the Christmas Shopping – something to send to ‘you know who’

We’ll be showcasing our packs of three bandanas over the next few days but rest assured they’re online now in time for your 1 hour of indulgence and the start of your Christmas Shopping.

Our Packs of 3 Dog Bandanas include:


Time to change the clocks