Och Aye The Noo!

February 17th, 2013

ShortbreadFor all our Scottish customers we’re very pleased to introduce our new tartan design named Highland Fling!  A traditional tartan design which reminds us of a tin of Scottish Shortbread – Yummy!  Here we have our very own shortcake looking tantilisingly tasty in tartan.  Considering she’s not actually Scottish we think she’s looking rather authentic.

It’s no accident that we’re stocking tartan.  We’ve had one or two requests for tartan to feature in the Puppy Bandana range and we always like to listen to and respond to customer feedback. So here it is by popular demand, tartan – for the Scottish! Let’s hope the Scottish place an order!

Our Highland Fling! Dog Bandana is available in 3 sizes, XS for the tiny Scots £2.99, S/M Scots £3.99 and for the big strapping Scots we have M/L £4.99
And something the Scottish will just love…we post for FREE, even to Scotland!

 dog bandanas in tartan

There are so many Scottish jokes we could make here but it was pointed out by Hubby that it could be seen as racist so instead we thought we’d focus on fashion.  If we picked on the Scottish our main concern was that there’d be complaint phone calls received on the Puppy Bandana Customer Services Line and unfortunately we dont really speak Scottish!  When a Scot speaks to us in person we can usually get by but by phone you can just forget it!

Anyway, back to fashion…

tartan fashion for dogsIt seems we may have fallen lucky with our tartan trend because it just so happens that plaid has plundered the catwalk this season and you can’t move for tartan on the shopfloor.

So how do you integrate this bold fabric into your wardrobe without it coming off too costumey?

Let Puppy Bandana advise you….we are after all experts in quirky fun fashion for dogs!

Puppy Bandana Tips on wearing Tartan:

The golden rule is don’t overdo it!  Small touches of tartan can go a long way but remember –  don’t overdo it!  Okay, so a runway model may look great wearing tartan head to toe but the average dog will look better wearing tartan with more restraint. Look for tartan accessories such as a tartan dog bandana which can be tied comfortably around the neck and worn bib style.  For a more casual look try knotting the bandana at the front. 

Tartan is good for many occasions and many fashion conscious dogs incorporate tartan for casual wear, office wear, evening wear.  With some care we’ve found tartan can work for older dogs too – wear your tartan tailored and chic.  For the young, hip, rock chick dogs – are you going to rock 2013’s grunge dog tartans?  We hope so!

dog bandanas in tartan