Not just for puppies…

September 23rd, 2014

I think perhaps it’s time to dispel a myth that until recently I wasn’t really aware of. 

Puppy Bandana recently supported Blue Cross by attending their Summer Fete and Fun Dog Show.  We had a stall selling our dog bandanas and we made a donation to Blue Cross to say thank you for having us.  It was a great day and we had lots of fun meeting friendly little dogs (and big ones) and their humans. 

Several times throughout the day people approached our table with interest and then looked a little disappointed.  After just a few moments they turned to walk away.  Luckily our sales team were ready.  Mrs B is ferocious when it comes to sales!

It seems that some people think that Puppy Bandana is just for puppies – NOT TRUE!  Puppy Bandana is purely our brand name.  We make dog bandanas for both puppies and dogs and we supply three standard sizes to cater for all shapes and sizes.

On the Puppy Bandana Website we have a Size Guide that provides information about all 3 sizes, diagrams, dimensions and a guide to the breeds each bandana size may be suitable for.  This information is also included on the packaging for each and every dog bandana we sell.

Click HERE to take a look at our Dog Bandana Size Guide

Here’s a summary: