New Year, New Dog Bandana Designs

January 13th, 2013

Mother has survived another shopping trip! In fairness she got off lightly because it was only a mini trip.  We were very efficient this time  –  in and out in a matter of hours, only purchasing bandana materials.  I didn’t make her go to Primark or anywhere else and we didn’t even take the shopping trolleys!  A shopping trip without a trolley can only be classed as a mini trip.

We shared a grotty pre-packed sandwich which was eaten on the move to save time. I took a drink with me so Mother didn’t get the opportunity to start bleating on about stopping for a drink. She doesn’t actually want or need a drink she’s just trying to rest! No chance!

A very efficient, successful and enjoyable trip.  Mother interviewed (interrogated) the sales assistant (again) and shared lots of personal information with her about our lives.

We re-stocked on fabrics and we made some bold new choices for new designs which we hope you’ll like.  These are currently in production in the Puppy Bandana factory and will shortly be previewed on Facebook and Twitter before being added to the Puppy Bandana shop.  It’s our New Years Res to start Tweeting.  We’ve been very slack and shy on Twitter to date. Would be lovely if you’d keep us company and give us some encouragement. Follow Puppy Bandana on Twitter by using this link ‘Puppy Bandana are using Twitter in 2013

New designs follow shortly…

Shopping for Dog Bandana Fabric with Mother