Tweet Tweet Birdy Dog Bandanas

July 6th, 2013

A brand new design at Puppy Bandana – Tweet Tweet Birdy Dog Bandanas.

We got this fabric on a recent shopping trip out of respect and by way of an apology to Mr and Mrs Blackbird for their sad loss.  The naughty little dog (pictured above) slayed two baby blackbirds two weeks ago.  R.I.P. and sincere condolences and apologies to their parents.  Unfortunately she showed absolutely no remorse and the very next day she attempted to murder another but was caught in the act.  Robert, (the victim), spent the night in a cardboard box in our garage where thankfully he recovered from the shock and was released ‘Free Willy style’ the next day.  Mrs and Mrs Blackbird have since made the wise decision to move house and unsurprisingly they didn’t leave a forwarding address. 

Ellie is in re-hab and for now she is only allowed supervised outings in the garden.  The Tweet Tweet Birdy Dog Bandanas are therapy and a way of gradually introducing the concept that birdies and spaniels can live together in harmony.  Ellie claims the baby blackbirds were squeaky dog toys and is still a little confused about what she’s done wrong!

Tweet Tweet Birdy Dog Bandanas are available in 3 sizes
X/S £2.99, S/M £3.99, M/L £4.99 each
All with Free UK Delivery

Act now! Buy your Tweet Tweet Birdy Dog Bandana NOW before it’s too late! If we’d begun therapy sooner, lives would have been spared.