New Puppy Poppy

September 2nd, 2012

poppy in little red flowers puppy bandana

Just to clarify – I’m not getting another puppy…yet! Though I am very broody for one. I’ve been on the Blue Cross Adoption Centre website AGAIN. I feel it is only a matter of time.

For now I’m cashing in on someone else’s puppy action. A close friend has just brought home the most beautiful cocker spaniel named Poppy and I wasted no time at all in visiting. In fact I think I was possibly one of the first and my visit was just a few hours after her arrival.

Perfect Princess Poppy! Isn’t she wonderful?!

Well I had to take a gift…but what should I take along for her…a toy to keep her busy and entertained, naturally. But what else? Hmmm…how about a puppy bandana? I have a few (hundred) knocking around. Yes, I’ll take a bandana.

Poppy is now the proud owner of two puppy bandanas in designs specially picked out by her sisters (the children). Small/Medium puppy bandanas in Very Cherry and Little Red Flowers are the first pieces in her wardrobe.

Small/medium bandanas are suitable for puppies and small breed dogs. For puppies, if the bandana is slightly too large to begin with simply roll the top over a couple of times before tying.

So, a very warm welcome to Poppy from her very exicted Auntie and of course Puppy Bandana.