NEW: Take the Tube

April 27th, 2015

We have an exciting new dog bandana design here at Puppy Bandana especially for city dogs and tourists.  It’s called Take the Tube and we think it’s just the ticket!

‘Commuter dogs’ will definitely need one of these – it’s like an Oyster Card for dogs. And of course dogs that are just visiting London, let’s call them ‘tourist dogs’, they’ll need one to refer to so they don’t get lost.

In fact anyone catching the tube can wear one of our Take the Tube bandanas – who says you’ve gotta be a dog to wear a dog bandana.  Perhaps we’ll start a craze and the trains will be packed with commuters and tourists, human and canine, wearing ‘Puppy Bandana Take the Tube’.    We could put these on sale at Tourist Information…

Perhaps I’m getting carried away? 

Back to reality…Our Take the Tube Dog Bandanas are on sale NOW in our ticket office and they’re very reasonably priced at £2.99 which is excellent really considering how pricey everything is in London. So if you need a ticket to ride please hurry because once these are seen on the train the craze will start and everyone will be after one!

An excellent day for personal development today at Puppy Bandana.  Today, during a product development session and whilst completing vital research, I have learned, to my surprise, that dogs are allowed to travel on the tube.  I have also learned that they have to be carried on the escalators!