Shopping for new dog bandana designs

August 22nd, 2012

I’m back from a fabric shopping trip for new dog bandana designs. Whilst there I topped up on the classics and the most popular designs but I also found some exciting new designs too! Well I wouldn’t want you to get bored now would I?

Anyone who knows me knows that I just love shopping and will spend hours scouring the shops for bargains and ‘finds’. I have way too many clothes so now I have moved onto dressing canines! It seems Puppy Bandana is a perfect fit for me because it’s all about the shopping and then the fiddling around making things (Mum says I take after Grandma Bruce* for this) and also the productivity and achievement of making something – having an end product that I’m pleased with.

Almost as soon as I got back I ‘clocked on’ at the Puppy Bandana factory and began cutting out and toiling away on my machine. I was so keen to see the finished article. And here they are! The fruits of my labour! And they’re also available to purchase online at

New designs include Flamin’ Hot, Camo, Traffic Jam, Black Liquorice Allsorts, Funky Flip-Flops, Hearts Desire and Skull and Crossbones, Provence Rose Pale Pink, Provence Rose Pale Blue, Soft Green Vintage Rose and Vintage China Rose.

*Grandma Bruce wasn’t actually Grandma’s real name. Bruce was a very tolerant, very handsome boxer dog owned by my Grandparents. Incidently Grandma Candy’s real name wasn’t Candy either! What on earth do families do when the Grandparents don’t have pets????

New dog bandana designs from