Mince pie?

July 10th, 2013

Christmas has come early at Puppy Bandana and I’d like to say we’re full of festive cheer but we’re not.  It’s rather difficult to muster up enthusiasm for Christmas in July but if we’re to send the bandanas to the North Pole in time for our Christmas deliveries (by reindeer) then we must start now.

There’s around 12 designs for Christmas in our range so far including the leftovers from last year…and there’s nothing wrong with leftovers!  There’s also a good selection of new ones too.

Our Christmas Dog Bandana Department is open all year round for those of you who are keen and early Christmas Shoppers! You know the sort…they’ve bought and wrapped all their presents by the end of November and then spend all of December telling the rest of us how they’ve got it all out of the way early to avoid the crowds. If you’re one of the keen and early then rest assured we’re ready for you! Place you order now and see if you can catch us out!

One thing that would help us get into the Christmas spirit is a mince pie.  Gosh we love a mince pie! They don’t sit particularly well with the Weight Watchers regime but now and again you have to treat yourself and take the day off.  Usually where mince pies are concerned you can mutter something like, ‘Well it is Christmas after all’. Unfortunately that excuse doesn’t work so well during July!  Anyway, the chance would be a fine thing.  I have discovered that it’s not actually possibly to buy mince pies in July.  I tried Tesco, Asda and Morrisons and there’s not a mince pie to be had!  I’ll have to make do with a sherry and a Christmas CD instead!

We’ve got lots planned for Christmas 2013 but for now we’ll let you enjoy the summer – see you in September!

Here’s the link to the Christmas Dog Bandana Department just in case you want to start early -> Winter Wonderland THIS WAY PLEASE -> Christmas Dog Bandanas For Sale HERE