Max amongst the Maxi Dresses

June 6th, 2013

We’ve had some slightly better weather recently and as soon as the sun comes out so do the maxi dresses.  Well done Ladies, I wholeheartedly approve! 

Amongst the ‘Maxi Dress Brigade’ we have Max wearing Hello Sailor in Navy, which I also wholeheartedly approve of. 

This nautical themed dog bandana from Puppy Bandana says, smart, classy, summertime and surrounded by girls! 

Well they do say ‘All the nice girls love a sailor’ and it certainly seems to be true in this case.  Looking good Max!

Many thanks to Max for ‘wearing and sharing’.   We’ve popped Max in our Puppy Bandana Gallery and we’ve also put him ‘On Deck’ in our Puppy Bandana Shop to draw in some new Navy recruits!

Hello Sailor is available in Navy in 3 sizes and we also have Hello Sailor in Red.  And if you want to go completely mad we’ve got Lighthouses too! 
All from £2.99 with FREE UK Delivery

Here’s the all important links to the Puppy Bandana Store:

Hello Sailor in Navy
XS for Little Stowaways £2.99
S/M for Navy Officers £3.99
M/L for Admirals £4.99

Hello Sailor is also available in red (see below)
Click HERE for Hello Sailor in Red

Sticking with the nautical theme we have Lighthouses