Maddie loves Cath Kidston…

January 27th, 2013

Maddie in Blue Vintage Rose - Cath Kidston Style!This lovely lady is named Maddie and we think she’s pretty as a picture in her new Cath Kidston inspired Blue Vintage Rose Dog Bandana from Puppy Bandana.  She might be staying in for an evening in front of the fire but she’s so comfy and confident in her Cath that she’s decided to keep it on.  Also, with weather like this it’s always good to have some ‘scarf-idge’ round your neck.  Though personally I’d be happy to stand in a draft if it meant I could wear a bit of Cath!

Anyway, looking good Maddie! In fact, looking so good we’ve put you in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery and we’ve also recruited you as a Puppy Bandana Model too!  Yes, we’ve got you standing around (in Cath) in our Puppy Bandana Shop.  We think you can inspire all the other little dogs to raise their game and get kitted out in Kidston!  Take a look at Maddie in our bandana shop –> Maddie models Cath –> THIS WAY PLEASE

I just love Cath Kidston!  Don’t you?  Despite the fact she’s everywhere I never tire of her designs so I’m working on surrounding myself with Cath and Cath inspired designs.  From mugs, purses, satchels, aprons, and i-phone covers right through to quirky fun fashion bandanas for dogs.  My Dog isn’t called Cath Kidston but she may as well be!  

I find floral fabrics addictive so where there’s a flower, a bloom, a posy or a pastel….combined with the odd polka dot for good measure I’ll join in.  Oodles of charming vintage style for your pooch all available from Puppy Bandana.

Our current Cath Kidston inspired dog bandana designs include provence rose pale pink, provence rose pale blue, soft green vintage rose, vintage china rose, blue vintage rose and Red Spotty Hanky is a bit Cath too now we come to think of it.  We even do a Cath 3 Pack!

These flambouyant florals are stylish and classy and suitable for girl dogs and confident boy dogs.  Girls can vamp it up with the addition of a ’boutique bow’, something we’re experimenting with in the Puppy Bandana factory.  ‘Boutique bows’ may well hit the bandana store early this spring though we may have to do some market research first and also give them the Spaniel Test!

So, if you too are totally in love with Cath Kidston and totally in love with your dog then our range of Cath Kidston Style Dog Bandanas are totally for you!  Check them out in the Florals Department in our dog bandana boutique!