Lovey-Dovey Dog Bandanas for Valentines

February 5th, 2014

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with one of our Lovey-Dovey Dog Bandanas.  This is My Valentine which has almost sold out – A sign that romance is alive and well.

If you’re feeling romantic and you fancy My Valentine you’d better act fast because I think there’s just one left!  But we do have lots of other Lovey-Dovey Dog Bandanas designs available which are perfect for your Valentine.

Single? Don’t despair!  Join our Puppy Bandana Speed Dating Event in the Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery on 14th February. 

All you need to do is send in a photo in your Valentine’s Day Dog Bandana (actually any Puppy Bandana will do) and we’ll do the rest!  Cilla Black eat your heart out!

Need something for your Valentine?  It’s all here for you…
Love Hearts (black with red hearts)

Love Hearts (red with white hearts)


Rosey Romance
My Valentine
Lovebug Ladybirds (Daffodil)
Lovebug Ladybirds (Pink)
Lovebug Ladybirds (Turquoise)