January = Time to diet

January 1st, 2014

I’ve eaten way too much over Christmas.  The over-eating started months before that to be fair whilst I was looking forward to Christmas (I was practising!)

But now January is here and it’s time to diet and along with this comes the inevitable food cravings.  I become (more) obsessed with food and particularly things that are off the menu e.g. cakes and sweets!

If you have a sweet tooth or if you’re on a diet and obsessing about food like me then check out our Sweet Treats Department and hopefully it’ll take the edge off!

On the menu:
Cupcakes for Girls Dog Bandana
Cupcakes for Boys Dog Bandana
NEW! Cupcakes Dog Bandana
Coffee and Doughnuts Dog Bandana
Pink Ice Cream Sundae Bandanas
Blue Ice Cream Sundae Bandana
Black Liquorice Allsorts Bandana
Pink Liquorice Allsorts Bandana
Jade Liquorice Allsorts Bandana
Cream Allsorts Dog Bandana
Pink Cupcake Heaven Dog Bandana
Mint Cupcake Heaven Bandana
Ice Cream Cones Bandana
Ice Lollies Dog Bandana

We have healthy but sweet options too if you insist on sticking to your diet.  Also in Sweet Treats