Jake’s Red Spotty Dickie Bow

January 18th, 2015

You’ll remember Jake from earlier posts.  Jake always sends in fabulous, iconic photos of himself wearing his Puppy Bandana purchases.  Previous pics have seen Jake racing through the waves at St. Ives and celebrating Halloween in his Spooky Halloween Dog Bandana.

This time Jake is posing in one of our new(ish) products, Red Spotty Dickie Bow.  You look very smart Jake and very posh!  Thanks for sending in your photo 🙂

Jack is the smartest dog in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery.  We don’t have a dedicated Ties/Bow Ties Photo Gallery but perhaps we’d better consider setting something up.  We can’t have ties and bow ties mixed in with the bandanas!  Hubby is a bit OCD about stuff like that.

Our Dog Ties and Dog Bow Ties are available for sale in their own separate department called Bow Ties (No! Really?) and they’re all priced at just £3.49 with FREE U.K. Postage.