Changed my mind about Paul O’Grady

September 12th, 2012

Paul O'Grady, For the Love of Dogs
For The Love of Dogs!  I’ve never really had much time for Paul O’Grady or rather he simply didn’t seem to appeal to me so I hadn’t got to know him. To be fair I didn’t tune in to spend time with Paul, naturally it was the dog connection that reeled me in.  That and the fact that I caught a glimpse of a very sorry looking, malnourished and abused staffordshire bull terrier named ‘Sparkle’ in one of the program trailers.  My fate was sealed – I simply had to watch.  Being a mild techno-phobe, who is totally in love with the convenience of Sky TV, but totally unfamiliar with the remote control and planner facilities, I neglected to record ITV’s dog-u-mentary ‘For the Love of Dogs’.  However I was so intent on shedding a tear over Sparkle that I installed myself in front of the marvellous ITV Player and twenty two minutes later I had become a Paul O’Grady convert!  

Paul is lovely!  He is an incurable animal lover and he has three dogs which he clearly dotes on.  He’s a self confessed dog-o-holic and all round good egg!  I’m going straight from writing this to try and locate him. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to stalk him.  I’m proposing to send him some doggie bandanas for his brood!

Sparkle was in such a state!  Poor love.  I’d like to get my hands on those responsible.  I had a good old cry for him.  It was lovely to see him looking so well after just three and a half weeks of T.L.C. from the kind vet at Battersea Dogs Home.

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