I feel a shopping trip coming on….

September 18th, 2012

I’m always up for a shopping trip.  I’m an absolute professional when it comes to shopping.  Hardcore.  I take it quite seriously.  No leisurely lunches or coffee breaks – these are simply not permitted when the shops are open.

I have just a couple of regular shopping companions and they are now fully accepting and accustomed to the rules.  This week I will be accompanied by my Mother.  She is quite experienced and though now in her late sixties (sorry Mum!) she rarely tries it on and takes her lunch on the run without grumbling.  She is also a trolley convert.  I’ve had my shopping trolley for around three years now and I wouldn’t be without her (she’s a girl because generally I find boys are rubbish at shopping).  Some of my shoppers laughed when I first got the trolley but it didn’t seem to stop them trying to put their shopping in her!  Mother is a shopping trolley convert and when she realised the power of the trolley she went out and got one of her own.

So, Thursday is the big day. I can hardly wait!  A full day shopping with Mother (and our trolleys).  I’m shopping for Puppy Bandana in my capacity as ‘Head Buyer’ and ‘Creative Director’.  Mother will be my associate and advisor – as she is for everything!  My objective is to stock up on the oldies but goodies and to sort out some cool new dog bandana designs. I have a few things in mind and if I’m successful and manage to get some beauties I’ll share them with you pre-production before the weekend.  A ‘Show n Tell’ session.  We always have ‘Show n Tell’ when I get back from any shopping trip and this time I invite you all to join us.

Important Note:  This is not my actual trolley but it does have a dog on it!

 Shopping trip for new dog bandanas design with my dog themed shopping trolley