How can I use dog bandanas for fundraising?

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There are a few different ways we can help you with fundraising.

Wholesale discount is one way, another option is for us to issue a special code for use in our cart on the website (and we’ll make a donation whenever the code is used) but there are other ways too. We have a few ideas and we’re open to suggestions so please get in touch.

People will welcome the opportunity to purchase something out of the ordinary to help raise funds. Personally I’d rather buy a dog bandana than a raffle ticket. Most people have a dog themselves or they’re certain to know someone who has.

Generally the reaction we get to our little dog wearing her bandana is very positive so we think you’ll have no problem selling dog bandanas for your cause.

Please note, we do not personalise or print bandanas in anyway so if you want to include an emblem or logo we cannot help.  Also, we do not sell plain dog bandanas.

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