Horrifying Halloween Dog Bandanas

October 16th, 2013

Halloween scares me to death!  I know the kids all love it but the outfits scare me and I’m completely freaked out about opening the door!  We tend to hide and watch T.V. with the lights off – Sorry kids! 

It’s not a great time for the window cleaner either when he’s door to door trying to collect his wages – poor bloke keeps being complimented on his mask and outfit and offered a cauldron full of sweets!

Last year we didn’t have any Halloween designs and we were heckled about it (Thanks Andy!)  Well this year we’re ready!  Are you? 

Spooky Halloween, Trick or Treat , Trick or Treat (Grey) and Halloween for Hounds are all horrifyingly good dog bandana designs for Halloween and they’re available for purchase now.

Our darling spaniel Ellie loves Halloween because she loves visitors.  She goes ‘wild’ when anybody comes to the door which rather ruins our strategy of pretending to be out!

This year we’re going to give the kids a taste of their own medicine.  If you can’t beat them, join them! We’re going to pop one of these scarey Halloween designs on Ellie and we’re going out into the neighbourhood knocking doors and scrounging for dog biscuits!

All of our Halloween Dog Bandanas are available in 3 sizes
XS for little terrors £2.99
S/M for moderately sized zombies, witches and ghouls £3.99
M/L for big scarey Frankenstein monsters £4.99
All delivered to your door with no masks and no threats!