Hearts and Hounds

March 29th, 2013

I love to sell dog bandanas to fashion conscious dogs (via their Mum’s and Dad’s) but I also sell dog bandanas at wholesale prices to groomers, pet boutiques, pet retailers, gift shops and puppy schools all over the country.

If you’ve ever made anything and tried to sell it then you’ll know just how fabulous it feels when someone buys something that you’ve created.  When I set up Puppy Bandana it was really just for fun and personal enjoyment.  Puppy Bandana is still in it’s first year but I find it highly enjoyable and every time a bandana is sold I smile a little  😀 (ker-ching!).  Seriously, it’s not about the cash because much as I love Puppy Bandana it’s not been life changing financially.  It’s the acknowledgement that counts and when someone orders and pays for a bandana, that’s acknowledgement 😀

The other thrill is seeing your products amongst others in a shop environment.  Now that’s weird!  Puppy Bandana on sale in a shop next to other goods.   I know I sell dog bandanas every day on my website online (well, most days anyway) but seeing a dog bandana I made and packaged myself on sale in a shop – now that really makes me smile 😀 

If Mother were with me in the shop she’d take it one step further and start trying to engage shop browsers in conversation.

Mother’s shop talk:
“my daughter makes the dog bandanas”
“….yes, and she sells them online dear’
“my grand dogs do most of the modelling…”
“of course everyone thought she was mad when she first started out but we’re doing terribly well now”

And she’d try and introduce me to them and if she couldn’t manage that she’d be pointing me out from across the shop. 

I don’t get to experience the whole ‘my bandanas are on sale in shops’ thing very often because the shops I sell wholesale to are not always local.  At least I’m spared the embarrassment of Mother’s introductions and explanations.  I recently sold some bandanas to Hearts and Hounds in Ampthill in Bedfordshire and they’ve unknowingly but very kindly provided me with the resources to re-create that ‘my bandanas are on sale in a real shop’ experience whenever I feel like it (and without the interference of Mother).  Yes, there’s photos of the shop!  Hearts and Hounds are a Bedfordshire based Doggy Boutique and they’re on Facebook.  When they received their selection of wholesale dog bandanas from Puppy Bandana they created a display, took photos and put them on Facebook to show their customers.  Whenever I need cheering up I either go to the Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery to view the little dogs wearing bandanas or I visit the Hearts and Hounds Facebook page and take a look at the bandana display.

Here it is 😀

Also see the Hearts and Hounds Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HeartsAndHounds

It looks like a lovely shop and if it were local I’d definitely go in for a browse.

If you’re interested in buying dog bandanas at wholesale prices please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss prices.

I just had a really scary thought……Can you imagine what would happen if Mother were on Facebook and Twitter?!