Halloween Dog Safety Tips

Halloween can be a fun time for you and your family but it’s not so great for your dog, in fact it could be an absolute nightmare!  Follow our simple, common-sense tips for a safe and stress free Halloween for your dog.

Trick-or-treat chocolates are not for dogs!
Please don’t forget that chocolate can be dangerous, even lethal for dogs.  If you’re going to be handing out chocolate to any trick-or-treaters please make sure that it’s stored out of your dog’s reach.  Also don’t think you are being kind by allowing your dog a small amount as a treat – it really isn’t advisable, you could be killing them with kindness.  Chocolate is toxic for dogs – end of!

Don’t leave your dog outside on Halloween.
Please don’t leave your dog outside at Halloween or in the days before and after Halloween, especially with bonfire night also around the same time.  Your dog may be afraid of strange noises, unusual costumes, more visitors, fireworks.  Keep them close to you.  We don’t want them being frightened or anxious.  Also some people can be very unkind to animals and could extend their Halloween pranks to include teasing or injuring your dog.  Not a nice thought and simply not worth taking a chance.  Keep your dog safe by keeping them indoors and close to you.

Keep your dog away from the door
Halloween can be a frightening and unsettling time for dogs so it’s best if you can keep them indoors and away from all of the activity at the front door.  At Halloween there is likely to be lots of trick-or-treaters from your local neighbourhood knocking at the door dressed in unusual costumes and there could be unfamiliar noises too.  If your dog is exposed to this they may become anxious and growl or bark or even worse attack an unsuspecting trick-or-treater.  It is perfectly natural for your dog to be territorial about it’s home and to want to protect it’s humans and Halloween must be a very confusing time for them.

The other risk factor to consider is that your dog may become lost.  The front door will no doubt be opened numerous time and your dog could escape out into the night never to be seen again.  With all of the noise and chaos on the streets at Halloween it’s possible they will become frightened and keep running and end up getting lost.  Now that is a scary thought!  By law all dogs must be microchipped.  Please make sure your contact information is up to date just in case.

Keep your dog away from the door and try and reassure them if they become aware of any Halloween activity.

Protect your pumpkin!
Our spaniel will eat literally anything!  We like to carve a pumpkin and light it up to encourage trick-or-treaters but we don’t like to encourage our greedy spaniel, so we keep it outside!

Whilst pumpkin is relatively non toxic for dogs eating it could upset your dogs tummy.

If you’re lighting your pumpkin it is also a good idea to consider where it is because the flame could be dnagerous for your dog if they get too close to it.  If they knocked it over there could be a fire risk.

A shocking thought!
Many Halloween decorations light up or make sounds and may operate from mains electricity or batteries.  Please make sure you keep and electric wires, cords and batteries out of reach especially if you have a dog that chews or a playful puppy or young dog. Halloween would become a real nightmare if your dog received an electric shock

Dress comfortably this Halloween
If your pet wants to join in and dress up this Halloween make sure they are happy and willing to do so.  Some dogs simply don’t like dressing up.  If you do dress your dog please make sure they are comfortable and that the outfit does not restrict their breathing or movement in anyway.  Make sure they can breath, bark, hear and eat, drink and get to the toilet.  Do not leave your dog unattended whilst they are in their costume and always make sure you remove it before they go to bed.  It’s best to keep dressing up time to a minimum rather than keep them in their outfits for hours upon end. A good compromise is a Halloween themed dog bandana which is easy to fit, comfortable to wear and allows the dog all the freedom it is used to whilst still adding a fun element to Halloween.

Trick or treat Halloween Dog Bandana