Goodbye Millie

July 20th, 2013

Puppy Bandana were very sad to hear of the passing of Millie Browne.  May she rest in peace.   She will be fondly remembered by all who knew her and leaves behind a sister, Kelly.

Millie very kindly modelled for us when we first started out at Puppy Bandana and to be honest we could tell she wasn’t really comfortable with it.  Despite this she stuck with it and with great results – by the end of the session she was pouting like a true pro! (?)

Though Millie is no longer with us she will remain very much alive in our thoughts and memories and in the Puppy Bandana shop and photo gallery.

Millie’s sister Kelly is supporting the Brownes at this sad time and enjoys reminiscing about happy times with Millie and how they would take pleasure in seeing just how far they could push their extremely accommodating owners – we’re talking top of the range dog spoilers here!

Kelly and Millie’s biggest achievements include manipulating the Brownes into providing them with a luxury outside chalet, jackets for extra warmth, DeLonghi heaters during winter, 24hr on call service, twice daily walks, a select menu, bedding down, regular treats, fuss and attention, clean beds, indoor and outdoor drinking facilities…the list goes on.  The girls also enjoyed an annual, no expense spared holiday whilst they packed the Brownes off to Tenerife.  Though they felt a little guilty about it they decided there were worst places they could send them to than Tenerife so the Brownes would just have to put up with it – Millie and Kelly were entitled to a break!

So, all in all, Millie had a good life and one that must be celebrated.  We’ll have a glass or two of vino for her this evening and perhaps you could do the same.

Millie Browne 2001 – 2013