Get your skates on…only 80 days to go!

October 5th, 2012

I always like to wear something new on Christmas Day.  I must confess I even quite like Christmas jumpers – is that wrong? I don’t own one, I don’t plan to get one…but I do like them.  This is not a request to Father Christmas but if this information does fall into his hands, or the hands of one of his helpers then something with a Snowman on it would be nice.  I kinda like snowmen 🙄

Christmas Jumpers

As I’ve got older the number of parcels seems to have reduced.  Mother makes a big effort with the stocking fillers and of course we’ve kept up Grandma Bruce’s tradition of ‘table presents’.  The concept of the table present is a reward for eating all of your Christmas Dinner and also a little ‘pick me up’ when you thought all of the prezzie opening was over. Of course I NEVER have any problems finishing my Christmas Dinner and over the years, though Mother has experimented with portion sizes, I have never been defeated. My table present is a sure thing!

Of course now we have someone new to shop for.  Christmas is all about the ‘little ones’ and our baby is no exception.  My Christmas shopping is already underway in my mission to completely spoil my darling.  I’ve had to sneak a few bits and pieces into the house without her seeing them.  They’re safely stashed away upstairs in a cupboard out of sight of the hound (Yes, she goes upstairs even though we swore she wouldn’t!) There’s 4 gifts so far and that’s before I even begin with her Christmas Bandana gifts!  I can guarantee that’s not the end of it…I’ll say I’ve finished my shopping and I’ll still be picking things up for her on Christmas Eve.

I’ve had to hide them away out of sight for two reasons.  The first is obvious…she doesn’t know that ‘you know who’ isn’t real. How would I explain all of the presents?  She thinks his Elves make everything at the North Pole and they get delivered on a sleigh. How will I explain things if she sees the presents?  It’s way too early to tell her the truth and like any parent I’d like to keep up the pretence for as long as possible. You think I’m foolish blogging about this, but it’s OK – perfectly safe – she’s not great at reading and she’s too young for Facebook and Twitter.

The other reason is that she’s very nosey (just like me, and of course I got that from Mother) and she’s the most terrible thief (she must get that from her Father?). If I left things lying around she’d find them and then she’d be off!  We have this routine involving me, her, something she shouldn’t have and it involves running round the coffee table.  She’s very good at it.  I’m improving – it must be all the practice!

So the little dog will have lots of parcels to open, all gifts made by the Elves and delivered by ‘you know who’. She’ll also have something new to wear otherwise it just wouldn’t seem like Christmas. She’s not a fan of the Christmas jumper but she is a fan of the Christmas Dog Bandana.  The hunt for snowman fabric is on but no luck so far…without paying top dollar! (designer snowman bandana?)

Sorry about the Snowman let down….however Puppy Bandana is now stocking 4 great Christmas Dog Bandana Designs. There were 5 designs but Rudolf was so popular he sold out before he even made it onto the shelf!  He’ll be back soon though…

Add these to your Christmas Shopping list please:

Santa on Skates Dog Bandana
Peace n Joy Christmas Dog Bandanas
Red Nosed Reindeer Dog Bandana
Christmas Baubles Dog Bandanas for Christmas

We’ll showcase each of the Christmas Designs over the next day or so…a bit like Toys R Us or Argos and all of the other shops starting their Christmas advertising campaigns way too early!

Incidently, you have just 80 days to get a message to ‘you know who’ with your choice of Christmas Dog Bandana.  Puppy Bandana has an Elf all of it’s own dedicated to ensuring all the good little dogs have something cute and Christmassy to wear on Christmas Day.  She’s been flat out in the factory on Christmas designs this week in preparation for the Christmas rush!