Game, Set and Match (to Mother!)

July 3rd, 2013

The most serious periods of neglect I experienced during my childhood were during the two weeks of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.  Mother was completely engrossed in the tennis and all children’s TV programmes were off the menu, as were after school snacks and the timely provision of good wholesome nutritional food (courtesy of the very well used deep fat fryer). The Atari games console was also redundant during the ‘Wimbledon Black-out’ as we only had one TV set.  We were told to ‘play outside’ and ‘keep out of the way’. For this reason and because tennis is a sport, (I loath sport) that I don’t watch the tennis.

I realise however that many of you are very much like Mother (!) and that you do like to watch the tennis.  There’s something very British and traditional about watching Wimbledon and though I don’t watch Wimbledon and I don’t like watching or playing any sport, I suppose I have a teeny weeny crumb of fondness for it because it reminds me of my childhood.  Despite the neglect during the Wimbledon Black-out, the passive smoking and the deep fat fryer nutrition, I did have a very happy time growing up.

Many of you love tennis and though I won’t be tuning in to watch, I have given it some thought and got together a tennis kit for you.  We need to make sure you look the part before you head out onto Centre Court.  If you make the final you’ll be on the tele and just think of the advertising opportunity that’ll be created if you’re wearing one of our Puppy Bandanas!  

With this in mind your tennis kit must include at least one of our Wimbledon themed dog bandanas.  Other than that you can pack whatever you like!  I think Robinson’s Fruit Barley Squash is all the rage for tennis players???  and we think strawberries are quite the thing too?  Well we hope so because they make up two thirds of the Wimbledon Range!

In our Wimbledon Range we have the following:  Spot the Ball, Strawberry Jam Strawberry Dream  All in 3 sizes XS £2.99, S/M  £3.99 & M/L £4.99

Can we call these our ‘Wimbledon Range’???

Technically speaking they weren’t selected specifically for Wimbledon.  They’ve been categorised somewhat retrospectively.  They’re still very Wimbledon though and they’re very nice!