Festive Furry Friends

December 10th, 2013

Q: Why isn’t our Festive Furry Friends Dog Bandana selling very well?

A: Possibly because we forgot to list it on the Puppy Bandana website!

Sometimes things go wrong.  It doesn’t happen very often at Puppy Bandana but recently there’s been an incident!  We’ve been withholding a Christmas Dog Bandana design from you good people – Sorry!

We’ve had this one for ages.  We even sold some at a fete during the summer.  I could have pretended to have just sourced the fabric and launched it as a new design but I decided honesty was the best policy.  The funny thing is I’ve been regularly visiting the Puppy Bandana Warehouse (our garage) to pick orders or to rummage around for fabric to make a bandana and I keep eyeballing the Festive Furry Friends Fabric on the side. 

My thoughts whilst pottering around in the warehouse:

“That one isn’t selling too well” 

“All the other designs seem to be going out but not the cute bambi ones”

“Strange that it’s so unpopular”

“I thought it was lovely when I bought it”

“I must ask Mother if she likes it”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“How many metres did I buy?”

“Do I need to do some extra promotion on this one?”

It was only then that I discovered the horrible truth!  It’s not been listed on the website!  The employee that’s responsible for listing the designs on the website has slipped up.  I’m going to have to have a word with her!

Festive Furry Friends is available NOW on the Puppy Bandana Website

Furry Festive Friends Dog Bandana
XS £2.99, S/M £3.99, M/L £4.99
All with FREE UK Delivery

Unsurprisingly we have plenty of stock!