March 29th, 2014

How beautiful is Farley? He looks so good he should be in the movies…

Farley has sent in his photos for our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery – yes there’s more photos of Farley in the photo gallery!  Farley is hoping that with all of the publicity he’ll get on Puppy Bandana and on Facebook etc that he’ll be spotted by a big Hollywood movie maker.

You see Farley has been working on a few ideas for a brand new movie.  It’s set in America and Farley plans to take the starring role.  The movie features a puppy and his Mummy and Daddy (the human ones)  It’s a kinda comedy-drama but it’s a tear-jerker too.  He’s very excited about it because as far as he’s aware there’s been nothing like it before.  He’s thinking of calling it Farley & Me.

Thanks for wearing and sharing Farley and good luck with the movie. 

Farley is rehearsing in the Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery – go and take a look!

Farley is wearing Best Of British
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