Extreme Close-up!

May 20th, 2013

I just hate it when someone gets an ‘extreme close-up’ photo of me, particularly now I’m in my forties!  I particularly hate it when they then proceed to put it on Facebook and tag me!  I’m very very fast at removing those pesky Facebook tags these days.  For those of you who possess a hideous photo of me, please do not feel the need to put this to the test.  Remember I may have photos of you too!

When I received this ‘extreme close-up’ of Lottie I had to sympathise with her.  It is extremely close-up.  But then looking like she does – young, beautiful, wrinkle free, no greys poking through and not a double chin in sight, I decided that the chances are she’s going to be absolutely fine about me putting this picture on Facebook and in our Puppy Bandana Gallery.   What’s not to like?

Take a close look at Lottie in Red Spotty Hanky and in Pale Pink Mini Dot in our Puppy Bandana Photo Gallery